Long ago, a 13-year-old created a story from the desire and love of storytelling...

Paneidoverse is a creative universe project invented by the storyteller, Mar Qaroll in 2006. It consists of over 25 original stories that can be read in their own individual series but truly come together in an "ultimate connected universe" through the narration of the entity known as Dee Vee.Taking place in over 12 different worlds within said universe, you will learn of the struggles the Characters, and their sister entities Errors, face as they learn creation is not at all what it seems. And you, Reader, are one of the Unfortunate Few who also know the Truth.

The Story of Existence
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Paneidoverse as a project is planned to be the most inclusive, diverse, and mature connected universe project ever seen. It is planned to be enjoyed by adults as its main audience. The stories within have their own content and trigger warnings that you can view before you read them!

Rejisea title

Rejisea is a feudal realm consisting of three planes suspended in the air. With a history of lies and secrets, in the current time, three individuals are bound to tell, show, and learn the truth of existence within this fragile, corrupted world.Stories within this series include the wuxia and shenmo-inspired novel, God Noise.

Echoes of the Little Gods, also known as The Little Gods, is the main series of focus in Rejisea.The Raven is a young soldier eager to serve his empress, dynasty, and people. He knows nothing about the secrets he will face and uncover in the future.The Snake is a dangerous enigma unquestioningly serving his mastermind leader for over 200 years. He knows everything about the secrets the world will soon face.The Scarecrow is a cruel millennia-old warrior who desires her family's safety above all else. She is one of the secrets of her world.The new year heralds a bloody new war as the realm's true history reveals itself over the impending series of battles, inevitably creating a cacophony that will reach even the gods.

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Dærth is where the barriers between Heaven and Hell blur. Both realms are Dærth's neighbors. It is caught in the unholy middle, bickered over and sought-after, making it a place of unrest, unease, and sadness.Despite this, it is beautiful. It is a world worth fighting for.Stories within this series include the steampunk-inspired novel, Inhuman.

Dærth title
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Human Shed Skin is the main series of focus in Dærth. Its first story, Inhuman, is complete.During an emergency response to a demonic attack, inhuman hunter Jean-Luc Lowell nearly loses his life, only to be saved by a tentacle emerging from his best friend and lover, Celezar. While dealing with this revelation, he learns the demon attack was the first of many caused by creatures far more powerful than anything humankind has dealt with in millennia.With Celezar stubbornly remaining in his life, Jean will relearn the definition of "monster" while dealing with the new threat.

Reon System title

The planetary system Reon has a fate determined by the forces of Light and Darkness obtaining the power of a sentient comet every thousand years.Stories within this series include the science-fantasy novel, Darkness & Silver Lining.

Darkness & Silver Lining is the main story in the Reon System's series, Inverse Sequences.The planetary system Reon's fate is determined by the forces of Light and Darkness obtaining the power of a sentient comet every thousand years. This millennium, alongside his comrades and his ward Briél, the Hilikhkzian knight Bastar searches for aid in the form of a wary alliance between Light and another, far more ancient force against Darkness.His secrets, however, run deep.He loves his ward, and he loves his best friend, Nevan. But only one of them knows the truth of his existence, that he is one of Darkness. He knows Darkness will fail in its attempt to snuff out Light. What even he wonders is whether he will be willing to perish with it when its time comes.

Darkness & Silver Lining title

Paradiso & Inferno are the Afterlife realms where good and evil souls exist after they have passed from the living world......or so it is said.

Paradiso & Inferno title